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Limit the Carbon Emissions of Your Car 


Air pollution has been for a long time a problem that people have to cope with every day. Research says it is caused mainly by the millions of cars spewing carbon and other toxic substances into the air.  Environmental organizations, governments and car manufacturers agree that something has to be done about the problem. Many countries have passed their own versions of the clean air act which among other things sets standards for car carbon emissions.


Fuel manufacturers are producing gasoline containing fewer carbons and auto makers are producing more fuel efficient engines to comply with clean air regulations. The less gas used to run car, the less carbon emissions. To know more about cars, visit this website at


You do not expect a new car not to comply with standard emission levels required by law. But as mileage increases car engines become less efficient. You do not however sell it for scrap and buy a new one. You can simply buy a secondary air injection pump and attach it to the engine of your car. Visit home page here!


What does a secondary air injection pump do?  Even the newest car is unable to completely burn the fuel used by its engine. Some unburned gases escapes through the exhaust pipes. Unburned gases are more toxic than burned gases. Thus, an old car is bound to emit more unburned gases than a new one. A secondary air injection pump solves this problem by pushing escaping unburned gases back to the engine. 


As you can expect, manufacturers of this gadget produce units designed for specific cars.  It is important that you use a unit especially for your car.  You can automatically correctly assume that it would provide the best performance.  After all the entire manufacturer would have exhaustively tested its product in the brand it's intended for. 


If you own a Toyota, there are units specially made for various models.  You

can find units that will work for Tundra, Lexus  and  some of the  Toyota SUVs and trucks. These units can last a long time because even if they develop problems there are gadgets that you can use to improve their  performance. For example a sais bypass kit developed by Hewitt-Tech can solve the frequent malfunctioning of secondary injection pumps in some Toyota SUVs and trucks. Read more about sais bypass kit here.


You are worried you'd  be  stopped  one day  by  law enforcers because your car  appears to  be emitting carbon  more  than the allowable  amount?  You can easily solve the problem by using a secondary air injection pump.